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"I like to look upon all people with a good heart, and all issues with simplicity, everyone, you should be more simple too" — Zhou Mi

Zhou Mi
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Zhou Mi sleeping topless yet his face all covered up in his tent on Dream Team


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chanyeol x suho ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

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do not edit ✧ pizzicato

do not edit pizzicato

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eras ▸  Suho

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Henry & Zhoumi for Apple Daily

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your lies have been caught out, $uho.

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dajungho2: 오늘 녹화 완전 기분좋게 즐겁게 했어요^^ 너무너무 대견한 수호~멋진 리더임을 알고갑니다

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To: My darlings♡ my pens (fans) ^^

Thank you for your cheers, love, and concern all the time ♡♡ I’ll remember you (all) ‘till the end of time!! I’ll keep trying my best…So please wait for a moment! ㅠ I’ll miss you! ❤ (cr)

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